Welcome to my World !

I am Caroline. I was born and raised in France, lived a few months in NYC and I’ve been calling Singapore home for the past few years.

I travel a lot, I often take pictures, I regularly write fictions, and, sometimes, I bake desserts 🙂 Somehow it is all fitting well together.

I got my first film camera when I was 12 and it immediately became my best friend, an extension of my eye, and the main medium for my creative expression. Since then, I learnt on my own, tried different techniques, and moved to digital photography for practical reasons but I actually don’t enjoy editing pictures on my computer and don’t do it much.


I favor colorful settings, spontaneous moments, I look for the aesthetics and harmony behind a shape, a detail, a smile. I have been lucky to be able to feed my thirst for adventure since my 20’s and I try to capture the authenticity and the beauty of beings and things I come across while discovering how life is around the world.

I absolutely love waking up at 3am with my Nikon as partner in crime, crawling in the mud, falling in the frozen water, in the hope to get a good shot.
I am interested in all topics – from wildlife to people, from street art to macro, from architecture to food.
Whether it’s through images or words, I like to tell stories and convey emotions.



As a personal challenge, I regularly take part to photo competitions and in 2018 I was happy one of my favorite pictures was runner-up at Montier en Der festival. And one day I hope to go beyond the “final round” I reach on a regular basis with BBC Wildlife photographer of the year.  So far I have been once part of an art exhibition in Paris. I can’t forget how thrilled I was to show some of my work. I keep thinking I should do that again, sooner than later.

So this website is a chance for me to share more broadly my passion with others. I hope you will enjoy, escape, dream or smile while going through my galleries.
If you are more into words than images, I also occasionally blog about my travels and some photo tips, among other things.

Don’t hesitate to stay updated through my blog or social media (Facebook, Instagram) or to reach out to me directly.


In a nutshell, my favorite
… writer: Romain Gary
… painter: Dali
… photographer: Brassai, Vincent Munier, Alexandre Deschaumes… just to name a few
… musician: Hans Zimmer
… animal: Cheetah
… dessert: Cheesecake…or maybe lemon pie…or wait no, chocolate lava cake… but what about Tarte Tatin then?… well, basically anything that involves a lot of sugar 🙂
… camera: Nikon D4
… lens: 70-200mm
… location: In the wild
… country: Tough call as I have beautiful memories and encounters in most of the 40 countries I have been to so far. Let’s say Kenya.

And I don’t like: coffee, seafood and staying in front of a computer all day long!

Please note that all my pictures are copyright protected so thank you in advance to respect it 🙂

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